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Novelty! DonТt pass by!
Now you can project any construction on you PC for free.
Intuitive control, friendly interface and a lot of examples.

cubex.msi (825 k).
Windows 95 / 2000 / XP / 7.


Projection of 3D models for the following assembling of meccano CUBE-XЃ
Creation of PC copies of models made of meccano CUBE-XЃ.

The program is simple in mastering; all operations are accompanied with detailed descriptions and tips.
Every operation corresponds to its own key on a keyboard, a line in the menu and a colored button in the graphical interface of the program.
The lowest line of the screen is simultaneously a palette and counter of used colors. By simple click of a mouse you can add new or erase superfluous УcubexesФ depending on the chosen mode.

You can also turn УcubexesФ relatively to each other and paint as well.

For the space orientation there are possibilities of web and sphere lines.

There is a mode of replacing УcubexesФ by cubes there.

The mode of Уfree cameraФ helps work with massive constructions from inside.

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